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    • 27 Aug 2022
    • 10 Dec 2022

    LSRC will be participating in a series of cross country races throughout the fall, and we'd love to have you join one of our teams. While there is NO requirement for experience or ability level to join our teams and participate in any of the races, we do ask that you bring a competitive attitude and a commitment to do your best! Cross Country (XC) running is a long standing team sport that is common in schools, colleges, and running clubs all over the US and other countries! For this season there will be some casual races and some competitive races where we will be competing against other run clubs in the area for prize money.

    How XC works 

    This race will be fairly similar to a traditional road or trail race with a few exceptions. 

    The start line will be very wide such that every team will be able to line up evenly. LSRC will have a designated “box” for all of our athletes to start in. This makes for a very exciting early stage to the race as runner jockey for position! 

    Team scoring: Teams can have up to 10 members typically. The cumulative overall placement of the five fastest runners on each team will serve as the team score. Lowest sum of the first five positions ranks the highest.   Importantly, this means you can only help the team by participating.  No need to worry if you feel like you aren't fast or are inexperienced.


    August 27: Coach Villeneuve Community Run 5k. Hartman Park, Redmond. Casual

    September 24: WWU Bill Roe Classic, Bellingham (if enough interest). Competitive

    October 1 (pm): Twilight Invitational 5k. Cedarcrest Golf Course, Marysville. Casual

    October 8 (am): Emerald City Open, Magnuson Park, Seattle. Competitive

    October 8 (pm): Hole in the Wall. Lakewood High School, Arlington. Casual

    October 22: NCAA DII Pre Nationals, Chambers Bay, Tacoma. Competitive

    November 6:  PNTF. Lincoln Park, Seattle. Competitive

    November 19: PNTF Regionals, Magnuson Park, Seattle. Competitive

    December 10: USATF Club Nationals, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Competitive

    The casual meets are unscored and bring a variety of runners. The last 3 meets have team scoring and require uniform (LSRC Jersey) and USATF membership ($40/year).  You are not obligated to attend all of the meets. 


    The club will handle registering members for the events and cover the costs of doing so.  Some meets do require individual USATF membership ($40/year).  We will provide more details on that once the schedule has been determined.  For now, simply register for this event on the LSRC website to indicate interest.  One of our team captains will be in touch as the season draws near.

    Please note that you must be a Full Member of LSRC to receive all of the amenities that LSRC can offer for XC. Some events will require you to wear a club singlet to be counted for team scoring. These are available for purchase although we may provide the option to borrow one for the race on a case by case basis

    • 9 Dec 2022
    • 12:00 PM
    • 10 Dec 2022
    • 6:00 PM
    • Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco

    This is a meet where running clubs travel from all over the country come to compete for prize money and bragging rights! Each year it takes place at a different location inside the US and is in San Francisco this year. Jerseys and USATF membership are required for team participation, but race fees will be covered by the club! Members can designate LSRC (club # 36-8472) as their primary club on USATF connect. Please register here by Wednesday, November 30 if you would like to race in this event.

    There are no performance standards required to participate in these races.


    12-6pm: Packet Pickup

    6-7pm: Technical Meeting


    7-1pm: Packet Pickup

    9am: Masters Women 6k

    9:45am: Masters Men (60+) 8k

    10:45am: Masters Men (40-59) 10k

    11:45am: Open Women 6k

    12:30pm: Open Men 10k

    You can visit the USATF event website for more information about the meet. Please do not register on the USATF website.

    Each person is responsible for their own travel and overnight accommodations, which will NOT be covered by the club. However, there are hotel recommendations with special rates listed on the USATF website.

    See our XC season kickoff mail for general information about cross country.

    • 1 Jan 2023
    • 31 Jan 2023

    Remember what you did in January last year? Join our team for the Challenge Northwest New Year Challenge 2023, and we welcome back anyone who was previously on our team as well as newcomers!! For those of you who are unfamiliar with how this challenge works, it's just a fun way to stay motivated during the coldest month of the year and support a good cause (Eastside Baby Corner) at the same time. If you record a run or walk of at least one mile outdoors every day in January (that's 31 consecutive days), you are awarded the high honor as a Winter Warrior, and your name goes on the the back of this year's shirt and hoodie that will be distributed to those who have purchased either of those items once the challenge wraps up! Your miles also go toward the team total you are on (even if you don't record mileage every day), so if you join our team, you'll help us continue to be a contender for highest team total miles, and it will be exciting to see how many miles all of us can accumulate in just one month!

    Just register here and use discount code LAKE2023 for 20% off if you join our team during the registration process!

Past Events

19 Nov 2022 PNTF NW Region Open & Masters XC Championships
6 Nov 2022 PNTF Open & Masters XC Championships
30 Oct 2022 Halloween Lights Run
22 Oct 2022 NCAA DII Pre Nationals
8 Oct 2022 Hole in the Wall XC 5K
8 Oct 2022 Emerald City Open XC
1 Oct 2022 Twilight Invitational XC 5k
24 Sep 2022 WWU Bill Roe Classic
4 Sep 2022 Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon
27 Aug 2022 Intro Cross Country Meet
7 Aug 2022 Friends and Family Fun Run
13 Jul 2022 CNW All Comers Meet
4 Jul 2022 Run For the Pies
12 Jun 2022 All City Mile
5 Jun 2022 Big Backyard 5k
14 May 2022 JDRF Beat the Bridge
4 Apr 2022 Special Monday Night Run from Super Jock n Jill
26 Mar 2022 Seattle Cherry Blossom Run
15 Mar 2022 Daylight Savings Time Run With TLRC
5 Mar 2022 Lake Sammamish Half Marathon
26 Feb 2022 Winter Grand Prix Race 6
12 Feb 2022 Winter Grand Prix Race 5
29 Jan 2022 Winter Grand Prix Race #4
15 Jan 2022 Winter Grand Prix Race #3
8 Jan 2022 Bridle Trails Winter Festival
28 Dec 2021 Annual Meeting
18 Dec 2021 Winter Grand Prix Race #2
17 Dec 2021 Holiday Lights Run
5 Dec 2021 California International Marathon
4 Dec 2021 Winter Grand Prix Race #1
25 Nov 2021 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot + Coffee
6 Nov 2021 PNTF XC Regionals
30 Oct 2021 Monster Mash 5K
29 Oct 2021 Halloween Lights Run
9 Oct 2021 Hole in the Wall XC Invitational
2 Oct 2021 Twilight XC Invitational
21 Sep 2021 Issaquah Alps Trail Run
28 Aug 2021 LSRC Team @ Redmond Community 5K
22 Aug 2021 Grand Ridge Trail Run
4 Jul 2021 Carnation Run 4 the Pies & Pints
24 Jun 2021 Renegade Grocery Outlet Potluck Picnic
22 Jun 2021 Tommy's Terrible Tuesday Trek - Tater Tot Edition
6 Jun 2021 Big Back Yard 5k
5 Jun 2021 National Trails Day - Volunteer Event in Redmond
2 Jun 2021 Club NW All Comers Meet #1 for LSRC Runners
9 May 2021 Sunday Field Trip: Snohomish Centennial Trail
2 Apr 2021 Field Trip - Hill Repeats in Bothell
21 Mar 2021 Clover to Clover Marathon Relay
31 Jan 2021 Challenge NorthWest - Final Day
14 Dec 2020 Duvall Holiday Lights Field Trip Run
12 Dec 2020 The Twelve Legs of Christmas Relay
26 Oct 2020 LSRC's First Annual Costume Run
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