Supporting members of LSRC are eligible for free individualized coaching.  All of LSRC's coaches are:


  • USATF Level 1 Certified Coaches
  • USATF Safe Sport Compliant 
  • 10+ year veteran runners

No matter what your goal, one of our experienced coaches can help you achieve it.
If you are interested in working with one of our coaches, please contact our team at


Zach Fung – General Coaching

Zach has been running on and off since grade school but has been a consistent runner as an adult since 2014. He has broad experiences in the sport, with distances ranging from the 100m to the 5000m on the track, cross country racing, as well as 5k to Marathon in road racing. He knows what it takes to stay healthy and injury free and believes that if you train for longevity and enjoyment, you have the best chance of reaching your highest potential.

Personal Records

  • Mile: 4:58
  • 5k: 16:54
  • Half Marathon: 1:16:47
  • Marathon: 2:49:39

Favorite Distance: 5k

Joy Chan - Couch to 5k

Becoming a runner was certainly unexpected for Joy. Growing up, she avoided exercise like the plague and never felt comfortable around others. After graduating from college in 2010 and gaining employment in academic research, she needed a new goal to work towards. So, she did what seemed reasonable: signed up for a half-marathon. Completing that first half-marathon made her realize that she was a stronger person than she gave herself credit for. Through running, she learned to prioritize health, first physical, and now mental. Running increased her self-esteem, improved her self-image, and allowed her to take some control in the chaos of everyday life.

Her goal as a coach is to empower people of all backgrounds and ability to find themselves through the sport of running, to use running as a conduit for better physical, mental, and emotional health. She is especially interested in working with newer runners who, like herself, may not have come from a sports background or perhaps lacked access to athletics until later in life. Whether you want to finish your first 5K or be a more consistent runner, she will help you set and achieve appropriate goals and develop healthy habits. She is a strong believer in the power of positivity and that we are more likely to be successful when we enjoy what we are doing, have support from others, and allow ourselves flexibility and grace when it’s needed. It is her privilege to help you become a stronger, more confident runner or walker and support you in your wellness goals. Like her, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you are capable of.

Outside running, she also enjoys hiking, cycling, food (eating and cooking), and a good book.

Personal Records

  • 5k: 23:03
  • Half Marathon: 1:49:08
  • Marathon: 3:58:41

Favorite Distance: 5k

Jordan Andersen – High Performance Coaching

Jordan discovered running later in life and is trying his best to make up for lost time.  He started running to stay fit but the competitive bug soon bit.  He's been on a decade long mission to be the best runner he can be.  He's run 14 marathons including all six World Marathon Majors with a personal best of 2:27. 

When he's not training for a race, he can be found hiking, climbing skiing, or chilling with his two cats.

Personal Records

  • 5k: 15:43
  • Half Marathon: 1:09:01
  • Marathon: 2:27:57

Favorite Distance: Half Marathon

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