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Our Leadership

Zach Fung – President

Zach is a Seattle Native and has lived on the Eastside since 2013. He loved running “the mile” in gym class since elementary school. He ran Cross Country for a couple years in middle school and for a year in high school but did not continue running consistently until after graduating college. To this day the mile is still his favorite distance to race in, but he'd also like to check off all the marathon majors someday. When Zach is not running, he works as a mechanical engineer, builds custom electric bikes, and plays music. 

Nelson La - Vice President

Nelson ran very casually in high school but it wasn't until college, training on his own, that he really became interested in the sport and began to truly enjoy it. He ran his first marathon while living in San Diego and has run more than 50 half marathons, his favorite distance. He started consistently training with a group while in NYC and made it a point to find one and continue doing so upon returning to the PNW. Group training has not only allowed him to hit his race goals but most of all group training and the camaraderie among runners adds exponentially to the enjoyment of the sport that can sometimes be difficult, especially in our Winter weather. By day Nelson is an Economics professor. 

Secretary - Jordan Andersen

Jordan discovered running later in life and is trying his best to make up for lost time. He started running to stay fit but the competitive bug soon bit. He's been on a decade long mission to be the best runner he can be. He's run 10 marathons including 5 of the 6 World Marathon Majors with a personal best of 2:27.

When he's not training for a race, he can be found hiking, climbing skiing, or chilling with his two cats.

Jon Szollar – Treasurer

Jon has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Carroll University in Wisconsin and an MBA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix. Jon moved here from Wisconsin from 2012 for better employment opportunities and now a staff accountant at a respectable property management company in Bellevue. Jon started his athletic career with high school soccer but soon found the running community to be a better fit. He’s now been running competitively for 25 years now and loved it every bit of it. He prefers the longer races where he has plenty of time to warm up and get into a groove.  Currently he is training to stay healthy and enjoys sharing his many years of experience with his fellow runners.


Stanley Chen – Board Member

I moved to Seattle from LA in early 2019. Although I had already been running long-distance as my primary way to stay fit, it wasn't until COVID-19 restrictions started relaxing in 2021 that I embraced the local running communities including LSRC. Jump forward a few years of meeting new people, fostering connections, training for marathons ... my love for running and Seattle/Redmond as my home away from home continues to grow! Outside of running, I work as a software engineer but enjoy cooking and traveling. To quote loosely one of my favorite films, not everyone can make good food but good food can come from anywhere. 

Erin Beacham – Board Member

Erin started running in high school because she wanted to be one of those cool people who could run 5 miles like it was nothing. She later ran with and was on the board of the Penn Running Club in college, where she competed in NIRCA (club running) events and helped organize the infamous Penn RelayZ (and volunteered for four years at the real Penn Relays). She only wants to run two more marathons in her life: one to qualify for Boston, and Boston. Outside of running she enjoys volunteering with her alumni club, other outdoor activities (hiking, rock climbing, skiing), and trying new coffee shops and breweries.

Randi Huo – Board Member

I started running after college to stay active and for stress relief, but did not start setting distance and time goals until medical school in New York City. I moved to Seattle for my family in 2018 and have since fallen in love with this city’s perfect year-round running conditions. My favorite distance is the marathon and I hope to break 3 hours within the next few years. I love running with the LSRC for consistency and accountability especially in the PNW dark season. Outside of running and work, my favorite activities are sleeping and hanging out with my husband and my dog.

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