Lake Sammamish Half Results

5 Mar 2022 11:47 PM | Anonymous

It was a beautiful day for racing today and that was certainly reflected in the results! It was a strong showing by our members and friends at this year's Lake Sammamish Half Marathon:

Nitin Bhardwaj 1:25:53
Molly Sords 1:28:11 2nd AG / 10th OA
Zach Fung 1:18:04 PR!
Jamie Miller 1:30:03
Guanyu Wang 1:26:38
Ryan Annis 1:22:08 PR!
Andrew Ruchames 1:39:35 PR!
David Anderson 1:44:35 PR! - 2nd AG
Jason Hect 1:16:07 PR! - 2nd AG
Chris Vo 1:13:13 PR! - 7th OA - 2nd AG
Shawn Pearce 1:49:14 PR!
Brigg Thorp 2:04:37

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